Specialized Electrical Home Inspections

Sit Back and Relax While We Take Care of Your Home Inspection Report

While buying or selling a home, a home inspection report is done to protect both the buyer and seller. If you need it to be done, get in touch with us right away. At Burtner Electric Inc. we specialize in completing the electrical portion of the home inspection report.

We work with home owners and realtors to take care of the electrical needs so that you can remove it from your to do list before closing dates. Contact us now!

Get a FREE Quote for Inspection of the Electrical Items

You can email us the portion of your inspection report that has the electrical items listed that need to be repaired. Get a FREE quote, from our experts, to repair all the items, or just those that you select to be repaired. Free estimates do not apply to diagnostic work.

Are you working on a deadline for a closing? Just let us know and we can complete the work within your time frame. Call us at 317-773-7663.
FREE estimates available for new work!
Call 317-773-7663
We can complete work before your closing deadline. Contact us.
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