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Get High-Quality Generators Installed in Your Home

You realize the importance of a generator if you have been stuck without electricity for several hours/days after a storm. Home generators have become increasingly popular and more affordable these days. It helps keep the lights on and the house cool.

Plan ahead and get your new generator installed in your home before the next storm or winter weather knocks out your power. Burtner Electric Inc is authorized to install, service, and repair Generac Automatic Standby Generators. Get in touch.

We Deal in Generac Brand Generators

Mike Lamb says that people often think of generators for winter weather-related snow storms; however, they are also important for alternative power during spring and summer storms, general power outages, and when power lines go down.

Large and small generators are useful for in-home medical equipment and to keep your sump pump, freezer, and refrigerator working during power outages.

Among many generator brands available in the market, we recommend the Generac brand because we researched and found that they are the best quality product for the homeowners. We also provide an annual monitoring service, which costs about $20 per month.

Besides this, we will remotely monitor your generator to make sure that it is running efficiently. Are you in need of a generator for your home? Get in touch with us.
Home Monitoring
We can monitor your generator remotely to determine if it is functioning properly. We offer this service whether or not you purchased your generator from us. Contact us today to start your remote generator monitoring.
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